Automatic weight sorting machine for chicken parts

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Automatic weight sorting machine for chicken parts

Product Overview

Automatic classifier (type) consists of loading elevator, flat conveyor, classifier.The machine is composed of three parts. It is mainly used for the weight classification of chicken claw, wing root, wing middle, wing tip,It is mainly used for classifying the weight of single frozen small products such as pipa legs and chicken necks. According to the product.
The product can be divided into 4~15 specifications according to different weight specifications. Adopt German high precision sensor; based on advanced digital signal processing technology,high accuracy and speed of weight sorting scales are guaranteed. Adopted touch screen integrated touch control, one key start, easy to operate.

Main technical parameters

Sorting product Chicken parts (10g-150g)
Max size: (200mmx150mmx50mm  L*W*H)
Min size: (50mmx50mmx30mm  L*W*H)
Weighing capacity 150g
Minimum graduation 0.01g
Weighing speed 120 pcs/min
Weighing accuracy ±1g
Weighing belt size 400mm*200mm (L*W)
Rejecting system Flapper rejector (swing arms)
Sorting direction From left to right (Facing the operation display)
Construction Waterproof and moisture protection (International standard IP65)
Weighing sensor Germany HBM load cell
Operation display 8 inches touch screen
Products storage Can restore and recall 100 products
Belt conveyor Food Grade white color PU Belt
Language English
Height of conveyor 750+60mm (Customized)
Power supply Single phase AC220V±10%, 50/60HZ
Weighing data output USB port for download the data into Excel sheet
Construction SUS304, polishing
Using environment High Humidity
Package With plastic film inside and professional export plywood case



* 4 parts: Strong feeding table, buffering belt, weighing belt and sorting conveyor.

* Strong stainless steel 304 structure

* Waterproof and moisture protection, anti – condensation device in electric box.

Control board Potting process.

* Reliable and stable weighing and control system

* Weighing data USB port download in Excel sheet.
* Operation display: 8 Inches Color Touch Screen

* Product Storage: 100 products preset.

*Strong flapper rejector: Three million times testing

Remarks: Feeding table is for choice, this part is for chicken parts collection and more convenient for manual feeding.

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