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Vacuum Tumbler

1.Machine Introduction

The Mechanism Vacuum Tumbler GR Series is stainless steel constructed. Designed to meet the needs of large-sized meat and poultry processors, our GR Series industrial capacity, stainless steel 304vacuum tumblers deliver improved product quality. Vacuum tumbling is a method of marinating meat, poultry and seafood and is designed to provide ready-to-cook, value-added products. Vacuum tumblers are designed to improve vividness of the muscles, meat elements, small meat pieces, chicken bodily sizes and elements in the vacuum environment. Without vacuum tumbling for 20 minutes, marinating requires 24 to 48 hours of soaking before the product is ready for loading into the smokehouse.Meat is weighed into batches and cured by injection, tumbling and massaging to produce the flavour, texture and meat content agreed by the customer

2.Technical Parameter

Type GR200 GR500 GR1000 GR1500 GR2200
Weight(kg) 180 250 800 800 1200
Power(kw) 1.2 1.65 3.3 4 6.2
Dimension(mm) 850X700X1150 1900X1000X 1550 2000×1500×1800 2000×1500×1800 2200×1800×2000
Capacity( (Kg/time) 100-130 250 500-600 700-900 1000-1200
Drum Volume(L) 200 500 1000 1500 2000
Rotation speed (r/min) 8 8 7 7 7

3.Working Effection:

4.Machine Features

  • Making products more juicer, tender and flavorful.
  • Increased profit margins and increased productivity.
  • Built-in Vacuum System.
  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.
  • Reliable, stable running, low noise & convenient.
  • Most important Easy Cleaning.
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