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Vacuum Sausage Filler

1.Machine Introduction

This machine is filled by the vane pump, servo motor-driven, human-machine interface, computer-controlled automatic vacuum quantitative filling machine. Either intestinal irrigation system for meat, sausage, ham and also cream cheese(equipped with heating layer) . The boxed product can also be used for filling all kinds of bottles. Automatic compensation device for the machine has a blade, were quantitative accuracy up to ±1%, material soft pass, and the filling speed, the weight of each can be adjusted.This machine is to fill in the vacuum state, the hopper can be flipped, cleaning more convenient. This machine adopts high quality stainless steel materials, key components of a special treatment, durability, and control part of imported components, look after advanced surface technology, elegant appearance, compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, with security guards is the ideal equipment for meat processing industry.Suits straight-filling, Nylon casing, Plastics casing, PVDC,cellulose casing .

2.Technical Parameter

Model OST3000
Filling Capacity (Kg/h) 3000
Volume(L) 200
Error(g) ±2.5
Power (KW) 8KW
Overall Dimension (mm) 1880×850×1780
Weight(kg) 350



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