Steam Scalding Machine

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Steam Scalding Machine


Product Overview

It is used for dipping and scalding meat and poultry before dehairing. The machine adopts the turning water tank to turn the water, steam heating, wind drumming water to form the water tumbling state, so as to ensure uniform water temperature, improve soaking and scalding effect. The machine can be equipped with temperature self-control device and automatic water supply device. With high production efficiency, easy to clean, operation convenient, long life, etc.

Structural features

1、The box adopts closed structure, so that the steam is dissipated at least.
2、Heating by heat exchange, to avoid scalding the bird body.
3、Pneumatic steady flow stirring, uniform water temperature, scalding sufficient.

Main technical parameters

Scalding Temperature 58-61°c
 Production capacity  1000-10000 pcs/hour
Total motor power 5.2KW- KW(according to equipment

(The body length determines the specific configuration)

Dimension L*900*1700mm

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