Hydraulic cage unloading machine

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Hydraulic cage unloading machine

Product Overview

The complete set of equipment is used to separate cages after the birds enter the factory and before hanging
work. There are two models: manual and automatic. It not only saves manpower
labor, and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

Structural features

It consists of operation platform, lift, mechanical arm, Y-slide, PLc control system, hydraulic pump station, etc.Through the lift The cage-by-cage lifting of the machine will reach the operation height of the robot arm in turn.The cage is picked up by the robot arm and put into the Y-slide.The cage-by-cage cage is automatically slid into the Y-slide conveyor and transported to the hanging position of the bird.

Main technical parameters

Dimension 6000*4500*4460mm
Maximum production capacity 1330 pcs/h
Total power of equipment 11KW
Maximum lifting height 2.46m
Maximum load 1000kg

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