Heavy Duty Screw Chiller

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Heavy Duty Screw Chiller

Product Overview:

Large package type specifications are ψ2000, ψ2500and ψ3000 three models.This series of equipment adopts spiral propulsion system and air blower system can make broiler and duck carcasses are cooled more evenly and thoroughly. Spiral chilling time can be according to the user’s capacity demand design and production. The power of this series of equipment equipped with frequency converter, the working speed of the equipment can be adjusted to match the production tempo and meet the different needs of different products.
Theoretical propulsion speed of the propeller: 960mm/min.

Machine Feature:

Entirely made of stainless steel except the belt, elecric motor, gear reducer and so on

Stainless steel height adjustable feet

the diameter of the chiller tank is 2160mm

The electric motor for driving the shaft is 0.37kw, variable frequency step-less speed regulation

supplied with alone ejector for taking the chicken out of the chilling tank,the gear motor driving the ejector is 0.55kw

Supplied with air blower (4kw) and dial thermometers

The machine cannot make cool water, customer buy the ice maker or other cooling water machine by himself.


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