Gizzard Opening Machine

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Gizzard Opening Machine

Product Overview

Gizzard opening machine, as a new type of equipment for opening gizzards and duck gizzards, introduces advanced technology, modular design, advanced product mechanical structure design concept, CNC machine tool processing excellence, and the cutting tools are processed by special materials as a whole and processed by advanced heat treatment technology, sharp ,durable and longest working life. The material pressing mechanism adopts a new structure with multiple sets of upper pressing and feeding belts to self-adaptively compress and convey the materials. According to the irregular height of the material, the pressing height can be automatically adjusted in time to realize the universal size of the gizzard. The equipment can be combined with the assembly line or used as a stand-alone machine. It takes up less space, reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency, and significantly reduces labor costs. The equipment is easy to operate, and there is no much requirements on the technical level of workers.

Main technical parameters

Model CH-KZJ
 Equipment dimensions  2600*800*1300mm (without bucket 3200*1100*1200)
  Total power of equipment 3kw
 Power supply  three-phase 380V 50Hz
   Production capacity about 12000/hour

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