Gizzard fat washer

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Gizzard fat washer


1. Gizzard fat washer can be used to remove the grease attached to chicken gizzards, duck gizzards and goose gizzards. Also known as grease beaters and degreasers (offal   handling equipment).

2. Gizzard fat washer can be used to remove the yellow skin from the top of chicken, duck and goose claws. Also called beating machine, claw skin removal machine.

Product Overview

This machine is another equipment for removing grease from chicken, duck and goose gizzards.
It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized meat and poultry slaughtering and processing plants. The structure of the equipment is tight Compact, small volume, simple operation, well received.

Main technical parameters

Dimension 1300*800*950mm
Equipment power 4KW
Production capacity 350kg/hour

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