Double sausage clipper

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Double sausage clipper

1.Machine Introduction

1.This machine is controlled by micro-computer, would run under several kinds of programs with good human-machine interface. And this machine is driven by servo motors, which allows it to run under high speed and precision. And it has error&wrong-operation protection machanism features.


2.This machine is manufactured of stainless steel, and essential parts are treated specially, thus they are hard-wearing anad anticorrosive. All the motors are waterproof, which ensures running process under safety.


3.The 15 to 18mm clips are suitable to this machine. And the clips will seal the sausage segments tightly. The stretch range is 45 to 100mm, adjustable, this makes it better to suppress square ham.


4.This machine could be connected to other filling machines to form automatic production line that consists of filling, casing and cutting.

2.Technical Parameter

Model OSGC-10
Power 4kw
Clip Model 15-18mm
Casing 40-200mm
Speed 100T/min
Presssure 05-0.6Pa
Weight 550kg
Dimension 960*1020*1880mm


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