Double Four-roller Gizzard Peeler

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Double Four-roller Gizzard Peeler

Product Overview

CH-SSBZJ-000 The double four-roller gizzard peeler is a new type of chicken gizzard processing equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, modular design, advanced design concept of the product mechanical structure, CNC machines processing excellence,the gizzard peeling roller using special material overall processing and advanced heat treatment process, sharp and durable for a long time is not easy to damage the surface of the gizzard.

◆The machine is driven by a reducer motor to turn the shaped spiral gizzard rollers relative to each other to achieve rapid gizzard peeling.
◆Suitable for two people working at the same time, it takes up little space and saves more space and energy.
◆Easy to operate and safe to use, the equipment is simple and easy to operate.
◆It can reduce labour intensity and improve production efficiency. Under the same conditions, the work efficiency is more than twice that of Regular equipment, and one machine can save two labourer, significantly reducing labour costs.

Structural features

1.Easy to clean
The machine can be quickly disassembled for cleaning, and the cleaned debris and sewage are discharged from the machine through the drain and discharge ports.
2.Safety and Environment
The moving part of the equipment is equipped with stainless steel shield, no harmful gas and electromagnetic radiation will be generated during the operation of the machine, the noise value in normal operation is lower than the national environmental protection noise value, no noise pollution will be generated.

Main technical parameters

Model CH-SSBZJ-000
SSBZJ indicates double four-roller gizzard peeler
000 Newly developed equipment
Equipment size 1240*124*860mm
Gizzard peeler roller quantity 8 roller
Total power of the equipment 1.5kw
Power supply three-phase 380V 50Hz
Product capacity about5000 piece/h

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