Chicken wing cutting machine

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Chicken wing cutting machine


Chicken wing cutting machine used for the segmentation of the wing root and the middle wing tip of chicken wings

Product Overview

This machine is used for dividing broiler chicken wings. The chicken wings are placed into the circular chuck in order, and during the process of running with the chuck, the chicken wings are divided into three parts, namely, the root, the middle and the tip, by the cutting knife, and are conveyed out into the conveyor belt below. It saves labor and improves efficiency.

Main technical parameters

Size 1800*800*1470mm
Power of equipment 1.5KW


The chicken wing cutting machine is used to cut pieces of poultry or other products. The blade is driven to rotate by a motor. In addition, it is equipped with an adjustment system to realize the cutting of products with different requirements. The cutting surface is neat, accurate cutting, no broken bones, labor saving, improved  efficiency, and simple operation.

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