Chicken water dripping Machine

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Chicken water dripping Machine

Product Overview

Poultry carcass water draining machine is a kind of equipment specially designed and produced by our company for various poultry processing enterprises to separate poultry carcass water. Its separation effect is obvious, the production continuity is strong, and the use and maintenance are convenient. It is an ideal assembly line equipment.

Structural features

The machine is made of stainless steel. Suitable for small processing plant meat and poultry

draining work before packing white strips. Through the reducer drive the draining roller rotation, the meat and poultry carcass into the machine through the rotation .The water droplets carried by the poultry carcasses will be separated from the machine by rotation. The roller is equipped with guide winch blades to facilitate the movement of poultry carcasses to the next station. Production Continuous, easy to use and maintain, it is the ideal assembly line.It is the ideal equipment for assembly line.

Main technical parameters

Capacity 3000BPH
Power 1.5kw
Dimension 3500*1120*2100mm
Voltage 380V


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