Chicken Neck skin peeler

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Chicken Neck skin peeler

1.Machine Introduction

The chicken neck peeling machine equipment can remove the skin of animals such as chicken necks, chicken breasts, chicken legs, duck necks, duck breasts and pork with good peeling effect and no damage to materials. This equipment can be connected with large-scale slaughter lines, greatly reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency. It is the most popular meat processing equipment in China.

2.Technical Parameter

Model 2000
Capacity(kg/h)   1500-2000
Power(kw) 1.5
Size 2520*1080*1120mm
Weight 500

3.Working Effection

4.Machine Features

  • The machine adopts advanced waterproof control switch, which is safe and convenient to operate.
  • The equipment has complete skinning of chicken necks and no damage to chicken necks. After adjustment, the skin of chicken breasts, chicken legs, pork and other animals can be removed to realize the multi-purpose function of one machine.
  • This machine can be connected to various slaughter lines, saving a lot of labor, and there are no vulnerable parts in production.
  • When the protective cover is not closed, the carding shaft is not returned, and the thickness adjustment handle is not in the working position, it will be powered off to ensure the safety of the equipment and the operators.

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