Chicken Leg Deboning Machine

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Chicken Leg Deboning Machine

1.Technical Parameter:



Power 1.1 KW/380V-50Hz
Length 2200mm
 Speed 5rpm
Width 2200 mm
Production Capacity 6000pcs/h
  Dimension 2200×2200×1900(mm)


The bearings and other standard parts are made of 304 stainless steel which can meet international food hygiene requirements. The machine is mainly used to remove the bone from the upper leg of poultry and chickensas below pictures:

3.Machine Features:

  • the machine sliding sleeve, punching rod and nylon parts are processed by laser cutting  and wire cutting , the machining precision is accurate without deviation.
  • the conveyor part of the machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel processing, stable operation, long service life and other characteristics.
  • equipment with waterproof cover, to prevent unsafe factors.the buyer must washing the machine according to the actual situation of the workshop after working . Please Avoid flushing the motor.
  • All the screws are made of 304 material with long service life.
  • This machine with frequency control system, the speed about 1-50HZ per hour .it can be process 6000 legs per hour .
  • this machine has long service life, low rate of bones broken .

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