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Cages Conveyor

1.Product Description

Conveyor Belt The cut up conveyor machine is one of the main machines in poultry slaughter processing line. All machine body adopts stainless steel; it has a reliable performance, easy to use, high production efficiency, cut quickly and thoroughly, ect.

Power (KW)
Overall Dimension (mm)

2.Matters need attention

1.Conveyor Belt equipment cannot impact or severe vibration during the transport. Equipment appearance cannot have scratches, place in the same level, can’t tilt, should fasten securely prevent movement.
2.Before leaving the factory need inspection and test equipment, installation must be correct and display ground must be smooth and firm. Anchor in the same level.
3.Before running the equipment check if all parts screws down, before connection power check electricity if well, motor if damp, rotating belt rotation is correct.


1.The bearing housing cases that can be adjusted at any angle to better accommodate
2.the birds shape and different bird sizes.
3.Bearing housing cases can be adjusted in width and height, width adjustment by one
4.electric gear motor(0.75kw)
6.This is a high efficiency mechanical chicken plucker,Welcome contact consultation!

Total power of motor (Kw)
Hair removal ability(birds/h)
Overall dimensions (mm)


SUS Conveyor Chain
Made of stainless steel 304 or 201 for customer options.With food grade safety.

Cages Conveyor Using before creat washer for chicken washig

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