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Brine Injector

1.Machine Introduction

Brine injector machine adopts tooth-shaped step feeding with accurate step distance. The meat is supported by five groups of detachable grids. The injection needle is controlled by gas spring, which can really achieve bone injection. The injection pressure, injection rate, step distance and speed can be arbitrarily adjusted by double frequency conversion according to the size of the injected material and the tissue structure of the injected material, which can achieve the ideal injection effect. In addition, the machine uses two-stage filtration to prevent needle blockage, and is equipped with a wind-through needle device, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain, and is an ideal equipment for meat processing.

2.Technical Parameter

Model Power  (kw) Injector Speed (times/min) Injector needles Step (mm) Dimension (mm)  


50 3 10-56 56 15-60 1500×700×1700 420kg
 84 4 10-56 84 15-60 1500×1100×1700 500kg
168 5 10-56 168 15-60 2700x2200x2050 650kg

3.Working Effection

4.Machine Features

  • Needle upgrade design, easy to clean.
  • The machine belongs to the open injection, the section is good, the structure is even
  • the whole machine linkage, a frequency conversion knob, easy to control the speed of each part of the machine.
  • 304 stainless steel materials for machine body.
  • Injection speedand injector rate can be adjus



5.Pictures of Main Parts


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