Automatic chicken cutting machine

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Automatic chicken cutting machine

1.Product Description

Chicken cutting machine is used to cut chicken with bones into cubes, with size 5-40mm. It’s suitable for poultry like chicken, duck, pigeon and as well as fish.It has features of high output, easy to operate and clean, small foot print, stable function and so on

2.Application and Usage

It is mainly applicable for deboning chicken, hen, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon, fish and other poultry.

Mainly used for deboning meat, which separate bones from skeleton of poultry, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon, fish and other poultry.

Apply for meat processing factory, meat cold storage processing, slaughtering processing factory.


Use the SUS304 stainless steel in line with international food standard.

Mechanical deboning meat from poultry skeleton, carcass or the whole frozen chick, duck, goose.

Frequency conversion control, speed can be adjustable.

Low rotation speed, small temperature rise and easy maintenance

Easy taking apart and cleaning, low maintenance cost

Calcium content in fished products lower than 0.03%, meat fiber not destroyed.

24 hours of continuous work

4. Machine Specification










                 100-800 kg/h (it depend on the size of nugget you cut)

Type of work

Full automatic

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