Automatic Chicken Slaughter Machine

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Automatic Chicken Slaughter Machine

Product Overview

It is mainThis machine is suitable for 2.2kg-2.5kg white feather broilers. This machine is connected to the broiler slaughtering line. In the slaughter line, following the production rhythm, to realize the automatic slaughter of broiler after corona.The machine can automatically slaughter and bleed the broilers after electrocution. Save labor, reduce cost and labor intensity of workers.Improve the production efficiency, well received by users.

Structural features

After the broiler is stunned, it moves along the line through the restraint and guidance of the guide bar.Restriction and guidance, and through the fork righting, so that the broiler head and neck into the slaughtering and bleeding position.
At this time, the head and neck of the broiler is pulled tightly by the tensioning mechanism, and the corresponding position of the head and neck of the broiler is cut through the cutter, thus the purpose of slaughtering and bleeding the broiler is realized.

Main technical parameters

Power 1.85kw
Dimension 1200*1100*1550mm

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