A Frame Primary Plucker

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A Frame Primary Plucker

Product Overview

It is used for coarse dehairing in meat and poultry processing production.
After the heart shadow hair, the poultry body epidermis is not broken, the rate of hair removal with. This Series dehairing machine can be combined in many ways to meet different output requirements.
There are ordinary type (4 boxes * 10 plates) and extended type (4 boxes * 16 plates) two
Two kinds of models are available for different needs of users to choose.

Structural features

The equipment adopts mechanical transmission, relying on poultry limbs and

The relative frictional movement between the rubber rods removes the feathers of poultry.

With A-Frame bracket, the depilation box can be opened and closed, which is convenient for maintenance. The box adjustment mechanism is mainly composed of a height adjustment mechanism, a width adjustment mechanism and the angle adjustment mechanism consists of three parts. The purpose is to adjust the box to the most suitable state for hair removal.

Main technical parameters

1、Outline size:3400*2350*2500mm(common type) 4950*2350*2500mm(Extended type)
2、Total motor power:(2.2KW-6)*4 units(common type) (2.2KW-6)*8 sets(extended type)

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